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Navigation. Far Cities is a site in development in this webplex by Jean-Thomas Cullen, a European and U.S. author with over fifty books to his credit. He writes under the pseudonyms John T. Cullen (nonfiction; thrillers) and John Argo (SFFH, suspense) in addition to his actual birth name (Jean-Thomas Cullen).

So far in this subplex there are two subsites (two active, one planned):

Site 1: Paris Bookshop. (Very Active) You'll find a growing wealth of all things Paris, with the eventual plan to branch into other European cultural centers (London, Brussels, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Bupapest, and many others but that will take time). In the meantime, the Paris Bookshop is exactly as the name suggests: a home for books and other things of interest related to Paris, France. There are already over 100 books linked, and more coming.

Site 2: Éditions Pastels. (Early Development) EP is intended to become a fun little online magazine full of enjoyable delicacies or info bytes. We'll get there soon. Thanks for you patience.

Site 3: Far Cities (Travel). (Not Yet in Development but soon) Far Cities is in planning for some exciting fiction and nonfiction related to travel in Europe and North America, based on the author's lifetime travel experience. We'll get there eventually. Thanks for you patience.

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Luxembourg, European Union, United States


All Linked Together. The Paris Bookshop already has over 100 titles linked, including guides and delightful explorations of the City of Light. Citta Moda is my Milan-style online shopping center anchored in San Diego but redolent with the wonders of many world cities. Éditions Pastels is intended to be a fun little magazine of quirky and delightful info, entertaining little stories, and other unique fare. Do come visit again to check on progress. more info soon.

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