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Empire of Time

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= High SciFi =

Two Flavors of Science Fiction by John Argo:

Why High SciFi? If there is such a thing as High Fantasy, why not High Science Fiction? Professionals generally resent the disparaging term 'sigh-fie' and prefer terminology that recognizes the fact that more than half of all great world literature is imaginative in the way that Fantasy and SF are, in their two diametrically different ways. Another term used by Jean-Thomas Cullen (John T. Cullen, John Argo) is science horror to describe a certain subset of science fiction (e.g., Invasion of the Body Snatchers) that can be very dark and scary, but remains plausible in an SF sort of way.

Empire of Time is classic science fiction on the grandest scale, about empires spanning time and space. These stories and at least half a dozen novels (so far) are all connected in the developing master scheme of Jean-Thomas Cullen writing as John Argo. Click here for lots of info on John Argo's Empire of Time fiction already published.

DarkSF is the Dark Chocolate of Speculative Fiction. It is poetic, richly textured fiction in the tradition of Cordwainer Smith, A. E. van Vogt, Andre Norton, and other masters who have known how to combine great story telling with gourmet flavor and texture. In film, that means masterworks like Ridley Scott's 1982 Blade Runner and other great films we'll mention as these pages develop. Click here for lots of info on John Argo's DarkSF fiction already published.

Other Imaginative Tropes. The author will unveil here his concepts for science horror as well as GothSF (e.g. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, first told at Lord Byron's house on Lake Geneva, Switzerland in 1816. Also there for the evening was Byron's personal physician, Dr. John Polidori, who introduced the first modern vampire tale at that same fireplace during the Year without a Summer(a terrifying, melancholy global climate effect from the massive explosion of Mount Tambora, an East Asian volcano, in 1815).

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